Leading discussion

Once in the semester, you will lead discussion for around half an hour of class. This does not mean presenting for the full time – it means coming to class with material prepared that will encourage at least half an hour of conversation.

As discussion leader, you can choose which of the week’s readings you would like to focus on. You might choose one text or identify a theme that connects several readings. You must meet with me by the day before before your assigned discussion (Tuesday) so that we can discuss your plans. If we have two people signed up for the same week, we will all meet together to coordinate.

Your plan for discussion-leading should include the following elements:

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  • introduce the key ideas of your chosen text or theme
  • bring examples to share with the class, in the form of a handout or visual aid
  • prepare open-ended questions or a group activity

Click here to sign up for discussion leading or to check the schedule (use tabs at bottom of sheet to navigate).

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Source: http://wmst601fa17.queergeektheory.org/syllabus/requirements/leading-discussion/